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Freighttrains in Franeker


Franeker (stamlijn Oost)

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Freighttrains in Franeker
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The afternoon freight train from Harlingen to Franeker. This pictures was taken in May of 1983, until 1984 these trains were run with leased locomotives from Germany.
Unfortunately the negative is damaged, it is very likely from my first roll of film.

Date: May 1983

The NS 2400 series were used on the freight train after the lease of the DB 216 ended. Here the 2456, still in de original brown livery. The number boards have been replaced by simple stickers.

Date: March 1985

December 1985, snow on the ground, and the NS 2458 is taking train 55722 from Harlingen to Leeuwarden.

Date: 30 December 1985

The freight train from Leeuwarden to Harlingen. The switch will be alligned so the industrial area in the west can be serviced. It is potato season, the white cars are Inter Frigo reefers and are used for transporting potato's from Franeker to Italy.

Date: 8 January, 1988

Switching the west industrial area. Containers and reefers.

Date: 8 January, 1988

Two locomotives in front of a small train. The morning train from Leeuwarden to Harlingen had extra heavy cars with pipes etc, to Harlingen Haven.

Date: 2 May 1988

A small switcher, called "sik" (goat), in the west industrial spur.
Around this time this spur was renewed, some tracks were removed. Old ties can be see to the right.

Date: 6 July 1988

NS 6409 with a car loaded with coal in east industrial spur. The track in the front was used for the coal deliveries, the other track was serving the ZPC, for potato transports to southern Europe.

Date: 20 June 1990

Coal delivery on the east industrial spur.

Date: 20 June 1990

The freight train from Leeuwarden to Haringen, this time with a new class 6400 locomotive.

Date: 2 November 1990

The same freight train again this time with a class 2200.

Date: 4 January, 1991

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