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Layout at a glance

History of the Dombås Layout (part 5)
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This picture shows the modules that make up the staging yard for both Trondheim and Åndalsnes. The modules to the right (small part visible) were the original Skeievoll modules. The modules to the left were once the Åndalsnes staging yard. Now these four modules together will make up the total staging capabilities north of Dombås. Some major work is needed to make this happen.


Starting at the entry point of the staging area. The two tracks to the right are coming from the Dombås modules. The track in front can only be entered from the left and that doesn't work anymore in the layout setup. So this will change. A switch (turnout) is installed and the fourth track is now accessible from the Dombås modules.


The former Åndalsnes modules have been completely cleaned up. New cork as top layer and the markings for the five tracks are put down (picture to the left). On the right the connection to the former Skeivoll modeles. On the right the modules have two track bundles of two tracks that are connected to the Dombås modules. These four tracks connect to five tracks on the next set of modules. Three representing Trondheim staging yard and two for Åndalsnes staging yard. There is a turn table in the back that connects to the center three tracks.


Wiring up the Tortoise switch motors and all the tracks.

The staging yard for Oslo bound trains can be seen at the lower end. It was formerly used as the Trondheim staging yard.


The new staging yard.


Overview of the Dombås modules.

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