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The Dombås layout at a glance (old)
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Each layout description in the US magazine modelrailroader has a small section called "the layout at a glance". Lets start the layout description with a at a glance description.

Name of railroad: Dombås
Scale: HO (1:87)
Size: 3 x 3.5 m
Theme: Norwegian main line with branch line
Locale: Around Dombås (Central Norway)
Period/Era: late '80s, '90s
Layout style: Around the walls,
Layout height: 120 cm
Benchwork: Modular
Roadbed: Cork
Track: Roco Line (withouth roadbed) and Tillig/Pilz Elite code 83
Turnout minimum: no. 4 (Roco 15 degrees)
Minimum curve radius: Roco R4
Maximum grade: 2.75%
Scenery construction: Styrofoam covered with plaster. Woodland scenics materials.
Backdrop construction: Boards with sky colours mounted on the walls.
Control: DCC (NCE Powerhouse Pro)
layout overview

layout drawing Drawing by C. Koelewijn This drawing shows the "top" part of the layout. The two modules that represent Domås are in the center.

To the left is the reversing loop, which sits on top of the helix. The two staging tracks, which are part of the reversing loop are called "Dovre". The industrial area, with three industry spurs, is inside the reversing loop.
The track that just starts above the reversing loop (second track from the top) is the connecting track to the helix.

Skeievoll, a three track staging area, is to the right.

Not visible in the drawing are the two othe staging areas, which represent Trondheim and Åndalsnes. Trondheim is one level below the Dovre area and Åndalsnes is one level below Skeievoll.

There is a big loop all around the layout, which is not used during normal operating sessions, but is very useful when testing new locomotives.

layout drawing Drawing by C. Koelewijn The drawing shows the lower level. The helix is in the upper left corner. The 5 track staging yard to the left is called Trondheim, the yard to the right is Åndalsnes. Both yards have a turntable, which is primarily used for turning Di3 locomotives.

layout overview An overview in the layout room. In the front the two tunnel portals. The factory building in the industrial area is visible in the back.

overview skeievoll This shows Skeievoll and Åndalsnes. A container train is parked at Skeievoll.

Åndalsnes has five track, four of which end in a turntable (Atlas). All trains leaving Domås in the direction of Åndales will arrive here. The track used in this yard is old brass Roco track (from previous layouts). This is occasionally causing some issues. Eventually I will have to fix this, probaly by changing the track to Roco line or Tillig.

Skeievoll services an interesting purpose. All trains will pass through here. There is one track that is used for staging trains, on the photo the container train is using that track. When I planned my layout, back in the Netherlands, I didn't have much space and what is now called Skeievoll was the staging yard for the whole layout.

overview dovre The reversing loop has two staging tracks. In this picture a passenger train is sitting in one of the tracks. Almost all trains bound for Oslo (in the timetable) will pass through here. Because of space limitation, only two tracks available, some trains will turn in Skeievoll.

The train stop in the front is a typical Norwegian rural train stop. In the current timetable operations this stop is not used.
Also visible is the switch going to the industrial area.

One level below this section is the Trondheim staging area. The turntable is just visible.

helix The helix, with industrial area on top. The helix connects the two levels. After 2¼ turns in the helix a switch is reached. This connects to the Trondheim staging area. The helix continues for another ¾ turn to connect to the Åndalsnes staging area.
The base of the helix contains a circle of test track (R6 Roco line with roadbed) which can be used for locomotive testing. It is the only non DCC track that I have.

In the right corner you can see Poekie.

Also visible is the turntable on the lower level which is part of the Trondheim staging area.
The switch panel in the front is used for operating the switches in both the Trondheim staging area and Dovre/Industry. The reversing loop is controlled by a PSrev from TTX.

Trondheim overview

This picture shows the five track Trondheim staging area. All trains bound, according to the timetable, for Trondheim arrive in this yard.

Also visible are the Tortoise switch motors. This switch motor is used for all switches on my layout, except for the Skeievoll switches which are powered by Lemaco switch motors.

You can also see the bookshelf type of construction that is used for modules that are placed along the walls.

Dombås turntable

Birds view of the 'northern' part of Dombås. The turntable is from Roco. The locshed is built with parts from a Pola kit, the door mechanism is used from the kit as well as the windows and doors (both modified). The walls and roof are made from Evergreen styrene sheets.

The signals are kits from NMJ. The signals are operational. Before a train leaves the signal is set to clear (green or double green) and when the train leaves the station they are set to red again automatically.

Dombås cab view We end this overview of my layout with a picture from a train arriving at the Dombås station. Picture is taken from the cab of an El17 which was arriving with train 42. The train on the right is the connecting train to Åndalsnes.

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