3 models in old NSB colors.
3 models in red (new) NSB colors.

This page will give an overview of the NOHAB and AFB HO models that I have in my collection. It doesn't give a complete overview of all the models available on the market, just an overview of my collection. The models are grouped per country. You can click on each picture to get a bigger (1024x768) picture.

The overview starts with the NOHAB demo model.

The fifth NOHAB AA16 built, builder number 2246, was used as a demo locomotive. Eventually it became the NSB Di3.602. In 2004 it was restored back to its demo colors.

NOHAB Demo Models

Number: NOHAB 2246
Manufacturer: Märklin
Catalogus no: 37665
System: Three rail AC
Era: 1954-1957
Description: This Märklin represents the demo colors from 1955 with the GM/NOHAB logo.
This model is still a three rail AC model and therefore it is not used on my layout.
Number: NOHAB 2246
Manufacturer: Heljan
Catalogus no: 4340
System: 2 rail DC
Era: 1955, 2004-present
Description: The demo model came to Norway in 1955 and was fitted with the NSB logo on the nose. When it went back to NOHAB later that year the NSB logo was replaced by the NOHAB/GM logo found on the Märklin model.
In 2004 the Di3.602 was restored back into the original colours. See the Di3.602 page of the Di3 Photo Archive.
Number: NOHAB 2246
Manufacturer: Roco
Catalogus no: 62952
System: 2 rail DC
Era: 1955
Description: The Roco version of the NoHAB demo, in the era 3 version with GM/NoHAB logo.